The PRODUSE Manual was developed to provide energy practitioners with step-by-step guidance for designing and implementing activities to promote the productive use of energy in the context of electrification programmes.

The manual is structured according to a generic project cycle covering each phase from initial planning to the implementation and evaluation of projects and components promoting productive use. It is comprised of six sequenced modules, each with a description of the practical tasks to be conducted, as well as references or links to publicly available tools.

The manual has been developed for electrification projects, however large sections can also be used for promoting the productive use of non-electrical energy.

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Productive Use of Energy (PRODUSE) - A Manual for Electrification Practitioners         (Full text)
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Single Chapters:

Module 1: Decide whether to engage in productive use promotion
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Module 2: Set the cornerstones of the productive use programme
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Module 3: Analyse local economic structures and potentials for productive uses

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Module 4: Plan productive use promotion activities

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Module 5: Implementation of productive use promotion activities
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Module 6: Ensure monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
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The manual will be updated regularly to improve its relevance for practitioners. This will only work if you support us. If you have comments on the manual (for example, additional tools which could be included), please let us know.