Thermal Energy

Thermal energy offers numerous possibilities for productive uses. These include cooking, drying, heating, smoking of meat and fish, baking and cooling to name but a few. Owing to the universal prevalence of thermal energy use in rural enterprises, there is an enormous potential for the distribution of efficient thermal energy appliances. Rural businesses could benefit greatly if they invest in improved biomass technologies such as efficient stoves and ovens or solar dryers. These offer not only potential cost savings but also the opportunity to produce new products and improve the quality of existing products.

The guidebook Productive Use of Thermal Energy - An Overview of Technology Options and Promotion Approaches focuses on the productive use of efficient biomass applications and solar dryers. The publication sheds light on available thermal energy technologies for productive purposes, with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors in rural areas. It provides practical guidance on how energy practitioners can effectively promote the distribution of efficient biomass and solar thermal appliances for productive uses. The guide also summarizes GIZ experiences with the promotion of productive uses of thermal energy in different countries in Africa and Latin America. Each chapter offers a further reading section with recent publications on the topic.

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Productive Use of Thermal Energy -
An Overview of Technology Options and Promotion Approaches (English)
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Usage Productif de l'Énergie Thermique -
Présentation des Possibilités Offertes par Cette Technologie et d'Approches pour sa Promotion (Francais)

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